Welcome to Kris Davies website

Me in the late 90s I've had a homepage of some sort for twenty-five years of which this is the latest incarnation. It's main purpose it to serve as a portal to my various blogs and to my Flickr photostream. That is where all the action is. However if you have just stumbled upon this homepage maybe i should introduce myself?

Just who the hell is Kris Davies?

I'm a web developer and in latter years e-learning and m-learning developer. I've been in the web design game since 1995 when i worked for the pioneering British web design agency Tw2 (image right from those times). I was one of the country's first professional web developers, I produced the back-end for some of the earliest British e-commerce websites - mere months after the start of Amazon. (However unlike Jeff Bezos i haven't got rich out of it!)

After Tw2 i worked for Birmingham City University as their web officer for a number of years. I've also worked for Sanctuary Housing Association and currently for Open Study College as their course designer and developer - print and online.

Me in the late 90s What do i do exactly?

Most of the time i am developing responsive online course materials in Adobe Captivate but i also use Photoshop and Hippani Animator a good deal. For print design I use Adobe InDesign and various Microsoft programs a fair bit. I also write quite a lot of CSS and HTML5 to extend my online courses. In the past i wrote Perl CGI, i still maintain a number of back-end programs for my own website in that language. I don't really do a great deal of programming these days though my first degree was in Software Engineering.

What do i like to do exactly?

Well thats the work stuff. You won't find much about that on my blogs. They are dedicated to my interests which include the railways, waterways, history and photography. In latter years i have gained a degree and then a masters in History and i like to write a lot of historical blog articles to keep my hand in.

I also like to build models including a model railway. Dealing with virtual creation all day as i do its nice sometimes to get a craft knife or soldering iron in your hand...

Well i hope you find something of interest with the links above and below. They cover most of my web presence. I've also created a rail map for the West Midlands which you may find of interest, and you can see my twitter handle below. Take care!

If you want to contact me send a DM on twitter @chrischowdavies.

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